Monday, 7 October 2013

KHAO by Rama V Fine Thai Cuisine @ Setia City Mall, Shah Alam

Good news for all you Thai food lovers out there! Were you drooling over my post on Rama V yet lamenting its high price tag? No worries now as they have two sister restaurants that offer slightly more affordable Thai fare of superb quality d^_^b  One of them is Fa-Ying at Paradigm Mall and the other is Khao at Setia City Mall.
Kai Hor Bai Toey + Gaeng Deang Ta-Lay (RM 26.90)
This set comes with appetizers, tom yum soup, red curry seafood, pandan chicken, a fried egg and fruits. As you can see the portion is really big and is so totally worth it.
The rice is mixed with red husked grains and topped with a sunny side up egg although that can be overcooked sometimes.
The appetizers given were fried spring roll, deep fried prawn fishcake and young mango salad. Both the spring roll and prawn fishcake were absolutely crispy, in particular the fishcake. However, all appetizers were average and nothing special.
Red Curry Seafood
The Red Curry Seafood tasted really good and the chefs did not skimp on the seafood. As you can see from the picture below, there are prawns, squid, fish and mussels and lots of vegetables too. This dish alone would fill you right up and warm your tummy on a rainy day. The creamy curry was thick and fragrant with coconut milk but it was not super spicy.
See the generous amount of seafood?
Cool flame
I like how the flame burns bright blue from the oil contained in a ceramic soup spoon.
Pandan Chicken
The Pandan Chicken was extremely good, very moist and tender and fragrant - see our review of Rama V for more raves on the Pandan Chicken =D
Chicken Tom Yum
I wanted the clear tom yum but they only offered Chicken Tom Yum for the set. The fiery red soup was sour and spicy and hit all the right notes and the chefs were also generous with chicken pieces and oyster mushrooms.
Gaeng Kaew Wan Kai + Pra Dang Sam Ros (RM 24.90)
This set came with the same appetizers, tom yum and fruits but the main dishes were green curry chicken and red snapper fillet.
Green Curry Chicken
I like the green curry here as it does not have the overpowering smell I dislike (only one other restaurant serves it like that which is Chakri Palace). It also had plenty of chicken and vegetables and the gravy is just to die for =P
Red Snapper Fillet
The Red Snapper Fillet totally did not disappoint (see the generous portion? ^_^) and was cooked to the same level of perfection as Rama V - read our raves here. This still remains my favourite dish of all and I highly recommend you try it =)
All in all, if you want a quality meal to the standard of Rama V but don't wish to pay an exorbitant price, hurry to KHAO instead and enjoy their awesome set meals!!! This sister restaurant definitely doesn't stinge on quality or quantity. I'd love to return even though Setia City Mall is miles away. To the genius owners of Rama V, please set up another branch at MidValley or 1 Utama ^_^
PawPoints: 5 Paws
Pawket: Tomato
KHAO by Rama V
LG21, Setia City Mall
Tel: 03 3358 3159
Daily: 10am - 10pm

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