Sunday, 26 June 2011

Soong Kee Beefball Noodles @ Jln Tun Tan Siew Sin, KL

This is my absolute favourite place for beefball noodles. It is located near the Masjid Jamek LRT Station which is fairly near my office so whenever I have time, I'll pop over for a quick fix. They have a sister restaurant in OUG called Yoong Kee which is just as good and serves some decent yong tau fu (not available at KL branch). The popular order is the dry version of beefball noodles. The other varieties include beef tripe/ innards and beef slices.
Noodles with minced beef sauce
I love the kind of Chinese noodles served in char siu wantan mee and the noodles served at Soong Kee are similar but with more bite which I like. It is mixed together with minced beef gravy which is also the shop's specialty.
Big (RM 5.50) and Small (RM 5) orders
I noticed the big serving can sometimes be drowning in minced beef gravy. The small serving is just nice for a relatively small eater.
Beefball soup
Each order of noodles is accompanied with a steaming bowl of beefball soup (or beef slices/ beef tripe soup). I usually do not finish off noodle soups but I have no problems finishing this <thumbs-up!>
  • Soup is clear with yummy beefy taste. No hint of MSG.
  • Beefballs are bouncy and full of flavour.
Superb chilli sauce
Not forgetting the to-die-for chilli sauce...when I arrived, the sauce was filled to the upper ear of the glass and this picture was taken after I was done with my meal. You can see how much chilli sauce I consumed in that one seating =P

The chilli sauce goes really well on the noodles and with the beefballs. It is slightly sourish and a little spicy. You won't be able to find this chilli sauce anywhere else so do try it when you're there =)

5 Paws
Pawket: Dough

Soong Kee Beef Ball Mee
No. 3, Jln Tun Tan Siew Sin
Tel: 03 2078 1484
Mon – Sat (excluding public holidays): 11am - 12am

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