Monday, 25 July 2011

Peter's Fish Market @ Gold Coast

There are a few fish and chip shops in Gold Coast serving produce directly sourced from nearby trawlers. Peter's Fish Market which is located on Seaworld Drive is the one most accessible to us as we stayed at Surfers Paradise. It is also only a short walk from Seaworld so I would really recommend anyone stopping by the theme park to pop over for a quick bite. It is really worth the walk =) 
Not sure if the owner looks like this =P
Fresh seafood for sale
More seafood...
Depleting trays are immediately replenished by the staff
Succulent boiled prawns
Large array of fresh fish

Fish of the day + Small calamari + Small chips (AUD 10)
  • Extremely fresh haddock with firm white flesh lightly flavoured with salt. Although it has been deep fried, the flesh remains moist and soft.
  • Very crispy golden crumbly batter deep fried just right. No bitter dark bits.
  • Extremely fresh calamari - tears off easily when bitten and not chewy at all.
  • Normal chunky fries but better than the average chip shop fries.
Fish of the day + 4 Prawn Cutlets + Small chips (AUD 13) - Tartare Sauce (AUD 2)
  • Extremely fresh prawns - if you scrape off the batter coating, the flesh is translucent and extremely bouncy even though it has just been deep fried. The tail is fried to a very crunchy texture - good for people (like me) who like chewing on crunchy bones =D
  • Tartare sauce has a thick consistency unlike the watery ones in Malaysia. It seemed odd to eat fish and chips without tartare sauce or a splash of malt vinegar so we paid AUD 2 for it even though it sounds a bit unreasonable (aren't sauces supposed to be complimentary???). We had leftover sauce even with the small tub in the above pic (maybe JS didn't take much...bland tastebuds =P).
Notice I used the phrase "extremely fresh" multiple times? =D That's just how the food at Peter's Fish Market tastes like. I especially enjoyed the prawns and calamari. Remember to visit one of these trawler-shops when you're at Gold Coast! =)

PawPoints: 5 Paws

Peter's Fish Market
120 Seaworld Drive
Main Beach
Gold Coast
Tel: 07 5591 7747
Daily: 9am - 7.30pm

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