Sunday, 16 September 2012

Cristang Restaurant @ 8 Avenue, PJ

After hearing so much about Cristang's famous pork burgers, we finally had a chance to try it. I'm not a big fan of the location though as it is situated in a part of PJ I hardly ever step foot on. Although it is housed in a rather new establishment, I still find the place a bit dodgy, especially if you visit it at night. There are lots of students milling about though - I assume there is a student accommodation nearby. Anyway, on to the scrumptious pork burgers...
Welcoming Exterior
The exterior is really lovely and welcoming. I especially love the broken marble / granite floor.
The picture of the interior above is a bit dim since it is dim inside the restaurant but there is a homey feel to it.
Pork Burger Classification
As we were here specifically for their pork burgers, we only took a picture of that particular page in the menu. All their burgers come with cheese, lettuce, onions, tomatoes and crunchy gherkins with a dressing of mayo and Dijon mustard as well as a side of Cajun potato wedges.
Cristang also offers a wide variety of the usual mains and pastas in the menu which we would definitely return to try.
P3 - The Original (RM 25.70)
JS, always the safe one, opted to try The Original Pork Burger, codenamed P3, which consisted of pork patty topped with bacon, chilli con carne and the usual toppings, sandwiched between a buttered bun with a side of Cajun wedges.
The pork patty was moist and juicy and the knobbly chilli con carne was the perfect accompaniment to the burger. I also love the slightly toasted and buttered buns. There was a huge piece of bacon which was good but I much prefer it to be seared till crispy and charred with lardy bacon goodness =P The roasted potato wedges were really good and crispy with fluffy insides. I finished them all even though I was super full =D
Dissected version of P3
I know it looks kind of gross but we just wanted to show you the burger components =P
P5 - Getting Creole (RM 30.80)
I had the P5 burger, which had a petai pork patty instead (I requested for regular pork patty) and additional Cajun prawns. Everything else was similar to The Original hence I'll just comment on the Cajun prawns which were of medium sized and half-shelled, making it super easy to chomp away. You might wonder how does a combo pork and prawns burger work but just think of it as a Surf n' Turf burger, porky style. I'll definitely order this again =D
Dissection of P5
JS insisted on all these dissected shots >. >
P10 - Some Like It HOT! (RM 35.65)
VJ had the works - pork patty blended with habanero and jalapeno peppers topped with bacon and jalapeno tomato salsa as well as everything else. We didn't try this but it smelled soooooo good when it arrived and I was so tempted to snitch a bite >.< As I was originally contemplating between this and the Creole burger, I'll probably order this on my next visit.
P7 - The Urban Legend (RM 30.65)
MW had The Urban Legend <cues spooky tune> which consisted of petai pork patty, bacon and minced pork with petai sambal. A very petai affair this is. Again we did not try so no comment there. It should be awesome for petai lovers =P
The pork burgers are slightly on the expensive side but they are really worth it for the amount of toppings and juicy patty. If only Cristang would relocate to my preferred side of PJ, I'd gladly return anytime.

PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Olive
Cristang Restaurant
B-G-19, 8 Avenue
Jalan Sungai Jernih 8/1
Seksyen 8
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 7956 7877
Tue - Sun: 11am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 11pm


  1. Hi, thanks for the honest review, my apologies for not being able to meet you when you came on that day.

    If I may clarify, the students you saw are employees of a company that outsources labor for stock management services for outlets such as telco, Carrefour and the likes, it is unfortunate that they do hang around the area on the avenue while waiting for their transport buses in the evening.

    I do like your blog title, it is the. Pizza sauce that draws me to it, as I will be starting pizza's in January with real pork pepperoni, proschuito, Canadian bacon and ham and of course the regular offerings.

    I will be honoured, if you are able to find the time, to drop by and try these new items and do another honest review on the pizza's

    Gerald Oei

    1. Hi Gerald! Thanks for taking an interest in our blog :D Please don't feel too bad about my comment on the location - it was just a passing remark :D We would definitely love to drop by to try out the new pizzas...we are lacking pizza posts incidentally haha. See you soon!