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Mizu Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant @ TTDI Plaza, PJ

We have always wanted to try the buffet at Mizu since its sister restaurant in Bangsar is a fine dining restaurant. We had dinner there on Christmas Day and surprisingly, it was not packed with people. We counted only 5 tables that night O.O But maybe most of the patrons came for lunch since we were told some items had run out =.=
Mizu is on the 1st floor
Lovely interior
Table setting
Complete order list
Picture Menu Part 1
A menu with pictures is also available in case patrons are not familiar with the dishes...
Picture Menu Part 2
Potato Salad
The potato salad here is creamy but tastes more like egg mayonnaise rather than potato salad...still good.
L-R: Hamachi, Maguro, Salmon
Ooo look at the thick fleshy pieces of sashimi. We had a few orders of these super fresh chunks of fish but unfortunately JS's favourite Shiro Maguro aka White Tuna was sold out >.< It was hard to pick a favourite as they were all yummy but mine was the Tuna and JS's was the Yellowtail =)
L: Agedashi Tofu, R: Hiyayako Tofu
The cute tofu cubes came in tiny ramekin dishes. The Agedashi Tofu came piping hot in a tempura dipping sauce. A dab of mentaiko and sprinkling of finely sliced spring onions topped the deep-fried cube.
The Hiyayako Tofu was very refreshing with the diluted soy sauce dip, pickled ginger and finely sliced spring onions. We had seconds of the cold, silky smooth Hiyayako Tofu.
I just could not resist ordering my favourite maki with assorted pickles. The seaweed coating was very fresh; however the pickles were rather bland and with a higher rice ratio to pickles and egg, the futomaki was kind of plain. To try the best futomaki, head on over to Sushi Zanmai! =D
Ebi Tempura Temaki
The Ebi Tempura Temaki was very fresh and well done. Crispy, light, deep-fried prawn tempura on a bed of lettuce, rice, cucumber strips, slathered with mayonnaise and rolled in seaweed...very yummy!
Saba Shioyaki
The Saba Shioyaki was nicely done. The skin was crispy and the meat tender and not too salty. JS's only grouse was the small portion.. After having this piece, JS up ordering 4 more pieces! hence the following picture =P
L-R: Ebi Shioyaki, Saba Shioyaki
The Ebi Shioyaki was fresh and sweet despite being grilled; however I don't think this is the best way to eat the prawns as they are likely to shrink in the pan with most of the meat attached to the shell.
Top: Ebi Tempura, Bottom: Ebi Furai
Ebi Tempura was good - crispy, light batter and bouncy prawns. I prefer the Ebi Furai though which is coated in panko crumbs rather than tempura batter which gives it a bit more crunch <clicks teeth together>
Vegetable Tempura
Vegetable Tempura was also good. There was an eggplant, lady's finger, sweet potato and a mushroom. JS thought that the mushroom was a bit too "earthy".
Beef Stew
This tiny bowl of Beef Stew was awesome! Meltingly tender beef chunks simmered in a rich demiglaze sauce, it was so yummy on its own that we could not help eating it even though we were quite stuffed by then. The gravy is absolutely good with rice...too bad there wasn't any rice. This is a must-order as I doubt you can find it anywhere else.
Beef Teppanyaki
The pan-grilled beef cubes were wonderful - not too tough and managed to retain quite a lot of beef juices.
Scallop and Oyster Teppanyaki and Salmon Shioyaki
The taste of the scallops and oysters was somehow very cloying. I also found the scallops to be a bit too oily for my liking.. The salmon wasn't very good either as it was hard and dry.
Chicken Teppanyaki

The chicken teppanyaki was tender and not too sweet. Just the way JS likes them. However, we found the portion a bit too big as we were already quite full when we finally got to this dish =P
Seafood Chahan
The tiny bowl of seafood fried rice was very fragrant. Each grain of rice was fluffy and not oily. If only there was more beef stew gravy to ladle over the rice hehe.
Miso Shiru
This miso soup was less than average - diluted, insufficient miso paste and salty. You can skip this.
L-R: Black Sesame, Strawberry, Chocolate Ice-Cream
We originally wanted green tea and black sesame ice-cream but they ran out of green tea ice-cream and only had one scoop of black sesame ice-cream left =.= So we had black sesame, strawberry and chocolate ice-cream which were all good =D
We were really stuffed so luckily some of the items we ordered did not arrive =P Despite some small shortcomings, the food at Mizu is really good and of good quality. We'll definitely be back to have our favourites again =)
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Cheese
Mizu Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant
C-2-1, TTDI Plaza
Jalan Wan Kadir 3
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Tel: 7728 6498
Daily: 11.30am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm

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