Thursday, 30 June 2011

HuTong @ Lot10, KL

HuTong @ Lot 10 is a very good idea by Tan Sri Francis Yeoh. . . finally, a non-halal food court in Malaysia! And all sorts of famous hawker food under one roof - very convenient for hungry pork lovers =)
The first time we were there, we tried Ho Weng Kee and Kim Lean Kee. The Char Siu Wantan Mee (RM 8.30) from Ho Weng Kee was good, like how they used to taste back when Ho Weng Kee was still operating from the SS2 shoplot. 
  • Char siu is the lean and charred kind with little to none fats.
  • Noodles was good, absorbing the flavours from the char siu and usual soya sauce mixture. 
  • Wantans were a little small but soup was nice.

Overall, I would give Ho Weng Kee 3 Paws because I found the ultimate Char Siu Wantan Mee and it is where the old Ho Weng Kee used to be located <smug> Will review about that place another day. 
Forgot to take pictures on our first visit but the Hokkien Mee was so good we returned for a second visit. This time, we had the Kong Tai Oyster Noodles instead of Ho Weng Kee's famed Char Siu Wantan Mee.
Famous Hokkien Mee from Petaling Street (RM 8.90)
This Hokkien Mee is the bomb! Fried with lots of 'wok hei' - you can hear the non-stop clang of metal spatula against the wok - this dish comes laden with lots of deep fried pork lard (a must in any good hokkien mee) and adequate amount of prawns. The noodles are coated with sufficient pork-infused oil to ensure that it remains glossy and slippery as you slurp the noodles into your mouth. Some may find it a little too oily for their liking but I think the amount is just nice (otherwise the noodles will be dry and coarse). This dish deserves all 5 Paws =D

Kong Tai's Oyster Noodles (RM 8.30)
The Oyster Noodles tastes like gravy-doused char kuey teow topped with liberal amounts of fat juicy oysters. It comes with a sourish chilli sauce that goes well with the noodles. I didn't quite like it (maybe because I'm not a big fan of bean sprouts) but JS found the dish acceptable. Perhaps the fried oyster omelette otherwise known as Oh-Chien would fare better. I would give this only 2 Paws.
We have also tried Hon Kee Porridge at the Uptown and Taipan branches and I assume the outlet at HuTong would not be much different, taste-wise. The same goes for Kissaten which we tried at Jaya One. Will upload reviews for these places soon =)

PawPoints: 4 Paws 
Pawket: Dough

Lower Ground Flr, Lot 10 Shopping Mall
Tel: 03 2141 0500
Daily: 12pm -  3pm, 6pm - 11pm


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