Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Oriental Banquet @ Section 19, PJ

This year's reunion dinner with my uni mates was at Oriental Banquet at Seksyen 19 which supposedly (I now vouch for it =D) has super yummy food. Check out what we ate...
Salmon Yee Sang
I thought the Salmon Yee Sang was very fresh, the plum juice and oil ratio just nice. The crunchy items were crispy and did not reek of stale oil. The pickled items were refreshing and went well with the other items. However, Maggot-chan did say she thought there wasn't enough taste...
Fried Nam Yue Pork Belly
This crispy-on-the-outside, moist-on-the-inside Fried Nam Yue Pork Belly is good! There is a distinct red fermented beancurd taste but it is not salty. The crunchy cucumbers go really well with the deep-fried pork slices.
Roast Lut Zhi Duck
The Roast Duck was good and juicy but I thought the skin was not crispy enough. Buried under the duck were lots of chestnuts and arrowhead.
Pan Fried Tuna in Pomelo Sauce
This dish was very refreshing. Battered tuna slices were pan-fried and coated with a honey lemon pomelo sauce. Although pan fried, the tuna was not dry or flaky. The sour sauce lent its flavour to the plain firm flesh of the tuna and the shredded pomelo provided a refreshing and juicy bite complementing the fish. Lettuce cups and deep fried cuttlefish complemented the dish further. Wouldn't mind ordering this again d^_^b
Braised Tofu
The braised tofu which had numerous bits of mushrooms within was braised together with broccoli florets and another type of mushroom which I can't remember in some oyster-abalone sauce. Quite good.
Loh Hon Zhai
The Loh Hon Zhai came with huge pieces of shiitake mushrooms, woodear fungus, daylily buds, dried beancurd skin, chinese cabbage and insufficient glass noodles. The flavour was good and not too salty.
Grilled Pork Ribs
Oohh yummy pork ribs =D The meat was not dry despite being grilled and was still juicy. It was also easy to cut the meat from the bone. The meat was full of flavour, some might find it a little too salty. Plain cabbage was provided to mop up the sauce but some of the cabbages became quite oily in the end.
Romaine Lettuce in Caesar Dressing
Lettuce in Caesar dressing was also served to counteract the oiliness of the pork ribs. I would have preferred a serving of lettuce without any dressing as the pork ribs were already very flavourful.
Waxed Meat
To go with the claypot rice, a dish of waxed sausages, waxed liver sausages, another waxed meat I could not identify, waxed duck drumstick and blanched kailan.
Claypot Rice in Soya Sauce
Claypot Rice + Waxed Meat
Just scoop a bowlful of rice and arrange some waxed meat and blanched kailan on top and the Lap Mei Fan is ready! The waxed sausages were very fragrant and delectable. I found the waxed duck drumstick a bit too hard and tough for my liking, not sure if that's the original taste. The rice and waxed meat were very flavourful on its own hence there was no need to add soya sauce to the dish.
Service was very good and attentive and the food here is very yummy. The quality of the food was also much better than other restaurants' since it's the CNY season but it may also be because we did not order from the set menus. All in all, a good place to bring to impress your guests. Prices are quite steep though - we paid RM 70 per person for about 12 persons to a table.
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Cheese

Oriental Banquet
16 Jalan 19/1
Section 19
Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03 7957 8488
Daily: 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 11pm

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