Thursday, 22 September 2011

Tai Hing Roast @ Citygate Outlets, Hong Kong

I was wondering how we were going to slot Tai Hing Roast into our trip as all meal slots seemed to be taken up but luckily we spotted a branch at the Food Republic of Citygate Outlets and so wasted no time in hurrying over to order the roast meats =P
We both had the Two Roast Combination and among the choices of roast meats were BBQ pork (aka char siu), roast pork (aka siu yuk), roast suckling pig (aka yu chu), roast goose (aka siu ngor,) plain chicken, supreme soy sauce chicken, squid, pork knuckle and red sausage.
Roast Pork + Roast Suckling Pig Combo (HKD 44)
  • Roast pork had an extremely crispy skin and the meat was lean with appropriate amount of fat.
  • Roast suckling pig also had an extremely crispy skin with lots of fatty meat.
BBQ Pork + Roast Goose Combo (HKD 44)
  • BBQ pork was well grilled and flavourful.
  • Roast goose was juicy with a slightly crisp skin.
Overall, the roast meats we chose were really good, much better than the local versions and of course back home, you can't even find small pieces of roast suckling pig for sale individually. I felt that the price was a bit steep for roast meats. Nevertheless, I'm glad we went to Tai Hing just to have the siu yuk and roast suckling pig =)
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Tai Hing Roast Restaurant
Tung Chung MTR Exit C
Counter R1, Food Republic
Shop 261-270, Level 2
Citygate Outlets
20 Tat Tung Road
Tung Chung
Hong Kong
Tel: 2109 2208
Daily: 10.30am - 10.30pm

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