Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Aoi Tei Katsu Sando @ Isetan Foodmarket, KLCC

I'm so glad that Isetan Foodmarket at the Lower Ground floor of KLCC is just like the food halls of major Tokyo and Singapore department stores =D Best of all is that some stalls are manned by native Japanese and Korean =D This chicken cutlet sandwich from Aoi Tei immediately caught my eye...
Description of different sauces
Four types of sauces are available - original Japanese sauce (which is somewhat like a tonkatsu sauce), wasabi tartar sauce, homemade curry sauce and creamy white sauce. When I was there just before 12pm, I only saw sandwiches with the Japanese sauce and curry sauce. Perhaps you can request for the other sauces even if they are not on display.
Katsu Sando with Original Japanese Sauce (RM 15)
The katsu sando are all in takeaway boxes. Each box has three pieces of katsu sando. There's a tiny area in the food hall itself for you to eat the takeaway food but I brought it back to office.
Too bad they are not three little pigs...
Wow look at the width of the katsu! O.O
Final shot of my katsu sando
The katsu sando is huge, if you can't already see from the pics =P Each piece of deep-fried chicken katsu is topped with shredded cabbage and sandwiched between white bread. Original Japanese sauce is slathered on the bread.
  • Katsu retains its crispy panko coating and juicy flesh even though it has been sandwiched in the box for quite some time. The panko coating is so well compressed that hardly any loose breadcrumbs break off when you bite into it; however this doesn't mean that it's hard because it has been compressed and deep-fried, rather the coating is still fluffy yet crispy and still it doesn't crumble. How amazing is that?! O.O
  • Shredded cabbage is soft due to the sauce yet crunchy. How do the Japanese make it like that?! O.O
  • Original Japanese sauce has sufficient flavour without being too salty. Complements the katsu well.
  • White bread is fluffy and spongy and definitely not local. Even after pressing down hard on it when holding onto the sandwich, it regains its original shape (thickness) when released (unlike the local breads which stay squeezed >.>). It also doesn't have a floury smell but has a wonderful bread aroma. This must be some Japanese bread. Why can't our local bakers make sandwich breads like that?! O.O
Katsu Sando with Wasabi Tartar Sauce (RM 15)
JS was disgruntled that I managed to eat it first so he was adamant to try it the next time we were there. This time he ordered the Chicken Cutlet Sandwich with Wasabi Tartar Sauce.
Consistent size
This time, the katsu was not crispy but neither was it soggy and so still tasted good. In this version, there is no shredded cabbage, only lots of tartar sauce and what I tasted to be chopped hard-boiled eggs. The hint of wasabi was just right, not too overpowering yet lending some zing to the overall flavour. This version is also highly recommended.
You've just got to try the katsu sando! Price is a bit steep at RM 15 but it's well worth the money and very very filling =D

PawPoints: 5 Paws
Pawket: Onion

Aoi Tei
Food Hall
Isetan Foodmarket
Suria KLCC
Tel: 2382 7777
Daily: 10am - 10pm


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