Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wah Fung Restaurant @ Central, Hong Kong

We stumbled upon this restaurant while looking for breakfast options. Apparently it's famous for roast meats but we didn't know that and just went in for some classic Hong Kong style breakfast.
Iced Coffee
Luncheon Meat + Fried Egg on Polo Pau
This classic combo of luncheon meat and fried egg with yolk waiting to ooze out can never go wrong. Sandwiched between a Polo Pau aka Pineapple Bun (ingredients do not include pineapple, it is just shaped like a pineapple), the taste was absolutely delicious. The sweetness and crispiness of the Polo Pau really complemented the savoury filling, much better than plain buttered toast.
L: Char Siu Macaroni, R: Fried Eggs on Buttered Toast
Did not really try these but macaroni is the usual cheesy salty kind one usually encounters in Hong Kong and fried eggs and toast is a no-brainer.
Char Siu Instant Noodles
Usual instant noodles with the addition of fried egg and char siu. Wasn't too bad.
Pork Chop and Ham Scrambled Egg Toast Set
Pork chop for breakfast? O.O Yup, you saw right =) Goes really well with the tomato based gravy. Eaten together with a piece of buttered toast and a mouthful of scrambled egg and ham, it makes me feel so contented <head in the clouds> Of course this is not an everyday breakfast but if you're looking for something to fill you up for a hectic day, this dish is the one <thumbs-up>
Ham and Fried Eggs Toast Set
Didn't try these but don't think the taste will vary much...at least you're guaranteed of no unpleasant surprises =P
Sorry, no price indicated as starting a food blog was the last thing on our minds then =P But it wasn't too expensive - average, I'd say. This is the last of our Hong Kong food posts. Hope you enjoyed them =)
PawPoints: 3 Paws
Wah Fung Restaurant
Central MTR Exit D2
112 - 114 Wellington Street
Hong Kong
Tel: 2544 3466
Daily: 7am - 10pm

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Sumi-Ka @ SS15, Subang Jaya

My first visit to a yakitori place! Sumi-Ka is located near Taylor's Business School, tucked away in a quiet corner on the 1st floor. You can opt to sit inside this enclosed area which is a non-smoking sections and consists of 3 tables with a maximum seating capacity of 6 each (make a reservation if you don't want to stink of oil and smoke), or at the main area including the bar grill where native Japanese smoke, drink, eat and laugh.
Elegant signage marred by illustration of yakitori
Obviously, they specialise in yakitori and its famous accompaniment, Japanese beer. There are plenty of chicken, beef, pork, vegetable and seafood yakitori options with several listings for appetiser, onigiri and donburi.
Potato Salad (RM 12)
Even though they serve complimentary and refillable shredded cabbage and edamame, we ordered the Potato Salad. It was so good we ordered a second serving despite its expensive price. Very creamy and fragrant, the cold dish was absolutely divine against the heatiness of freshly grilled meat.
Yakionigiri (RM 5)
This was much better than the yakionigiri I had at Bon Odori. Here the grilled rice bits are crispy whilst the moisture in the onigiri is adequately retained. There were some bits of seared salmon to enhance the flavour of the rice ball. Pickles were also provided to complement the lightly salted rice.
T-B: Mochimaki (RM 5), Uzuratamago (RM 3), Shiitake (RM 4)
  • The Mochimaki is essentially glutinous rice cake rolled in sliced pork. It has quite an interesting texture with the savoury pork and chewy rice cake.
  • Quail eggs slathered with soya sauce tasted like...quail eggs =P It wasn't too bad and I like the fact that the egg did not have a leathery skin despite having been grilled.
  • The shiitake mushrooms were average tasting...at least the mushroomy smell wasn't too strong.
T-B: Muneniku Mentai Mayo (RM 4), Nankotu (RM 4)
  • The breast meat topped with a generous dollop of marinated pollock roe in mayonnaise was good. I sort of expected the breast meat to be dry but it was surprisingly tender and moist. 
  • The Nankotu tasted just as soft bone should, except maybe a bit more crisp since it was grilled and more flavourful due to its seasoning.
Shimejibata (RM 10)
  • The shimeji mushrooms sauteed in butter came wrapped in aluminium foil and topped with dried seaweed. The butter smell and taste was extremely strong. Not my favourite but apparently it's a best-seller at Sumi-Ka =)
T-B: Shoyu Kawa (RM 3), Momoniku (RM 3), Shio Kawa (RM 3)
  • The soy sauce chicken skin was very crispy with mini pockets of aromatic oil...absolutely divine =D
  • Chicken thigh meat was okay, not very outstanding. Moist and tender.
  • The salt grilled chicken skin was served wrapped around a garlic clove. The chicken skin here is also very crispy and since I'm not a fan of garlic, JS had them all. He said <garlic breath> that they were crisp on the outside and slightly soft on the inside =P
Mochimaki (RM 5)
Another close-up of the sliced pork roll with glutinous rice cake.
We had one other dish which JS here forgot to capture >.> I have always wanted to try ox tongue and Sumi-Ka serves Gyutan so we ordered a stick. The 1st piece I had was yummy...it tasted like chewy soft bone with a beefy taste...the texture is kind of like freshly blanched pig's kidney, very "song hau" if you know what I mean. The 2nd piece I had was chewier and the 3rd piece was the chewiest with the strongest taste of innards. People who dislike the smell of innards should just stay away in case you get a strong tasting one. Adventurous eaters should give the unique texture a try =)
Sumi-Ka is rather expensive...the bill came up to RM 40 per person for 4 people (we had multiple skewers of the orders shown above). Although we said that we will not return immediately after the meal ended as it cost so much to eat "satay", we found ourselves craving the unique and yummy cooking at Sumi-Ka =D
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Olive
1st Floor
19, Jln SS15/4
Subang Jaya
Tel: 5632 9312
Daily: 6pm - 12am

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Ichiban Boshi @ Sunway Giza

I've been seeing Ichiban Boshi's sprouting everywhere like mushrooms and finally, I paid it a long-due visit. It's quite value for money considering the options available and the price (somewhere between Sushi Zanmai and Rakuzen). 
Can't comment much about the quality of the food as I have yet to try their sushi. However I must say that the feature picture on their sushi menu (forgot to take a picture again) - was that meant to be appealing and appetising? The Ebi Sushi on the cover looked extremely gross and it's not just fussy me saying this, my friends who were with me agreed too.
Salmon Meshi Don (RM 19.90)
Since I didn't want to go for anything deep fried that day, I selected the Salmon Meshi Don which looked extremely good in the menu. And the real product did not disappoint either =) The set came with a bowl of miso soup.
The donburi came with plenty of crumbled slightly seared salmon, finely sliced spring onions and a good dose of Shichimi Togarashi (Japanese Seven Spice Powder). Here's another close-up of the donburi.
Comfort food
Mix it all up and what you get is a big bowl of comfort food. My salt intake is quite high so a good splash of soya sauce made the dish even yummier ^_^ Small eaters will feel extremely full upon finishing the entire bowl as the size is larger than a small order from Sushi Zanmai. 
The complimentary miso soup was average - could have been better though. The large salad which my friend ordered looked quite small in size when it arrived but then the price tag was about RM 11 so can't complain too much.
Ichiban Boshi has quite a number of udon meals which is a good variation from the usual rice sets you see in other restaurants. I was however disappointed that there weren't any ramen options. The bento sets at Ichiban Boshi are quite unique in the sense that you get to customise some of the sets with individual tofu, rice or miso soup options. Wouldn't mind returning to try other stuff.
PawPoints: 3 Paws
Pawket: Onion
Ichiban Boshi
Block D, F.01, 1st Floor
Sunway Giza 
Tel: 6148 1844

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Whisk Espresso Bar / Bake Shop @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya

Home to the infamous red velvet cake and original macarons, we finally paid this shop a visit. It took us three turns to finally get a seat in the always-full shop. It also didn't help that the shop was quite small with 4 tables and a bar seating with 5 or 6 stools.
Cosy little place
Lacy Coaster Decor
The front window was decorated with many lacy coasters bearing cake recommendations and the usual facebook and twitter links.
Tea time! =)
Moist Chocolate Cake (RM 13)
This is one chocolatey and extremely moist cake. Very sinful <thumbs up> It would have been even more sinful if it came with a scoop of ice-cream! <snickers> A suggestion perhaps?
Red Velvet Cupcake (RM 5)
The red velvet cupcake wasn't too bad either. The cupcake was still moist and the cream cheese frosting was very creamy.
Granny's Apple Cake with Butterscotch (RM 13)
The apple cake was surprisingly not up to par. It was rather bland tasting and the butterscotch cream did not really help enhance its taste.
One thing I didn't like about Whisk was that the takeaways are placed in recycled paper boxes which I think are not really appropriate for food businesses. Just my 2 paws though <shrug>
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Onion
Whisk Espresso Bar / Bake Shop
LG 3A, Lower Ground
Empire Shopping Gallery
Subang Jaya
Tel: 5022 2060
Daily: 10am - 10pm

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Marufuku Udon @ Jaya One, PJ

Always wanted to try freshly made udon at Sanuki Udon at Taman Bukit Desa but it was always rather out of the way so we hopped over to its sister restaurant, Marufuku Udon at Jaya One instead.
Wooden signage
It is located near the cluster of now famous restaurants - Frontera, Mai Ramen, Kissaten.
All kinds of yakitori sold are displayed at the counter. No comment on the yakitori as we didn't try any.
Wakame Udon (RM 7)
The Wakame Udon came in a lightly flavoured fish based broth. The abundant seaweed and vegetables had a slightly raw, earthy, greenish taste as the fish broth did not provide adequate flavouring. The udon did not absorb much of the flavour of the broth but it was palatable when eaten with a spoonful of soup.
Would you look at the amount of vegetables O.O
Salada Udon (RM 8) + Wakame (RM 2)
The Salada Udon is served cold with the in-house sesame sauce. I expected it to be like Zanmai's salad with their oh-so-yummy gomadare but my expectations were left crashing down. The udon and julienned vegetables did not absorb the sesame sauce and were rather bland. It was like eating rabbit food >.< One ingredient I found weird was the inclusion of taufu pok. It certainly didn't absorb any sesame sauce flavour as is typical of taufu poks. The udon was kind of hard and stiff - I suspect that it softens up more when it's soaked in broth. The sesame sauce itself was a letdown - it wasn't fragrant and it was creamy to the point where it starts to thicken and it actually tasted abit cornstarchy >.< Needless to say, I didn't finish it.
I ordered an extra bowl of wakame as I thought it would enhance the noodles but unfortunately, no.
Naked (aka undressed) Udon =P
Udon mixed with cold sesame sauce
All in all, it wasn't a good visit and definitely wasn't a good meal. Perhaps we ordered the wrong things to eat as most people usually ordered the House Udon, Curry Udon or Cha Cheong Udon. I guess we're just not udon lovers <shrug>
PawPoints: 2 Paws
Pawket: Dough
Marufuku Udon
L-18-G-1, Ground Floor
Palm Square, Jaya One
Tel: 7957 6368
Daily: 11am - 10pm

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Pomander Pork Noodles @ SS15, Subang Jaya

The last time we went to Restoran Pomander to try the pork noodles, we were told to wait an hour and we left upon hearing that but I've always been curious about its taste since so many have heaped praises on it. So off we went to try our luck again and this time we were prepared to wait.
Stall with its many helpers
We were again told to wait for 1 hour for the noodles. So after we ordered two bowls of pork noodles with innards, we went to the air-conditioned side of the restaurant to snag a table.
Let's wait! ^_^
Waiting time starts! Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock...
Still not here yet? -_-
...tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock...
Finally it's here! <faints from hunger>    
...tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock...tada! A grand waiting time of 1 hour 9 minutes =.=
Pork Noodles (Small) (RM 5.30)
We eagerly dug into the famous noodles after completing the requisite photo taking. The soup was sweet, hor fun was smooth, lean pork was plentiful and the vegetables were green. No more innards for me though as they ran out of stock =(
Pork pork pork
All in all, the pork noodles were good. Not exceptionally outstanding so I would have to deduct points for the long waiting time for an average bowl of noodles. I read this blogger's post which said that the Pomander pork noodles were by far the best, much better than the famous pork noodles at OUG. I, however, beg to differ as I think they're both equally good but I'd rather head to OUG just for quicker service. Seriously, how long can it take to blanch some noodles and boil the soup? <shakes head>
PawPoints: 3 Paws
Pawket: Dough
Restaurant Pomander
78, Jln SS15/4B
Subang Jaya
Tel: 5637 3204
Daily: 7am - 4pm