Monday, 16 January 2012

Rojak @ SS15, Subang Jaya

I have been patronizing this stall for many many years and I still love the taste of the rojak at this stall even after so long =)
Many years back, the owners used to operate out of their truck under some trees between the Shell station and the First Subang mall. The owners now operate at a permanent stall further up the road (along Jalan SS15/3B) just a block away from KFC. During peak hours, a long queue is a common sight as people (I believe many are regular patrons) line up for the awesome rojak.
The Famous SS15 Rojak
These 2 men run the show!
The stall is operated by these 2 men and they work like robots in a busy assembly plant during peak hours. I wasn't caught in a long queue this time as I arrived slightly before lunch hour on a Saturday morning.
Rojak Telur (RM 4)
This is Indian fast food at its best as my rojak was prepared in less than 3 minutes! The portion in my opinion is adequate for a meal though meat eaters might treat this "vegetarian" meal as a snack. The combination of freshly grated cucumber and turnip, crispy flour bits, an egg and the rojak sauce goes very well together.
Although I have personally tried many variations of rojak, this place still gets my thumbs up for having the best rojak!
PawPoints: 4 Paws 
Pawket: Dough
Rojak SS15 Subang Jaya
Along Jalan SS 15/3B
(Near KFC and opposite a tyre workshop)
If you still can't find it, look out for the long queue!
Daily: 11.30am - 7.30pm

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  1. You should also try the rojak at Kepong near the church. Call me and I give you the direction to there. :)