Monday, 3 June 2013

El Cerdo @ Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL

El Cerdo has really good weekday set lunches which though not cheap, is really worth it as it comes with a salad and cold appetiser buffet. As evidenced by the abundance of piggy decor in the restaurant, you can be assured of a delicious porky affair. El Cerdo is also a good place to go if you want a romantic ambience as the lighting is so dim, even during lunchtime, that my pictures were all grainy and blur... =.=
Shooo cuteeee!!!
Set Lunch Menu
Sniff sniff grunt grunt
Salad and Cold Appetizer Buffet
If you wish to have only the salad and cold appetizer buffet, it's priced at RM 25.
It was really hard to get a decent picture of this due to the dim lighting but clockwise from  bottom left is toasted baguette with the most awesome garlic butter, honey ham salad, roasted pork with tuna sauce,  lomo, salsichon, pig's head jelly and jamon serrano with rock melon cubes.
It was my first time tasting jamon serrano and I must say it was quite salty and not at all what I expected >.< My favourites were salsichon, the super sweet rock melon cubes and yummy garlic butter bread.
Marinated Pork Shoulder Steak (RM 48)
The pork shoulder looked kind of small when it arrived but the 2 pieces given proved to be more than sufficient. Probably also because I already stuffed myself with the appetizer buffet =P
The pork shoulder steaks were well marinated and really flavourful. They were nicely grilled and the meat was still moist and tender. A blob of mustard sauce was given to enhance its flavour but it already tasted very good on its own.
There was a scattering of finely sliced yellow strips - I couldn't make out what it was but it tasted a little like onion strips... There was a bed of potato salad beneath the shoulder steaks and these tasted better with the mustard sauce.
Lovely presentation
Whatcha looking at?
If you celebrate a birthday at El Cerdo, they'll serve you chocolate cake with a cute mini pig painted with sakura petals. The birthday boy/girl gets to keep the pig but the chocolate cake is actually not free and was part of our order =.= The waiter didn't even tell us that the chocolate cake was actually another friend's order! >.< No brownie points there >. >
Mango Tiramisu
The mango tiramisu was so-so for me as I felt it was a bit too mushy for my liking. 
Spanish Flourless Chocolate Cake
The Spanish Flourless Chocolate Cake was really good - moist and chocolatey. The rectangular blob of whipped cream had a hint of lemon but I did not try the grainy stuff on the side - probably molasses or something similar - as the cake was good enough on its own.
Ain't I cute?
One grouse is that water is not free here...only hot water is. What sort of logic is that? And it was really hard to get the waiters' attention despite the restaurant not being even half full. Looks like they've got to un-dim their lighting...
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Cheese
El Cerdo
43-45 Changkat Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 2145 0511

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