Monday, 1 August 2011

Ahmet's @ Brisbane

Our friend brought us to Ahmet's for Turkish food since I preferred not to have any Asian cuisine. The place was packed with people on a week night and we had to wait for a while to get a table.
Ahmet's Turkish Restaurant

Baked Turkish bread glazed with garlic butter (AUD 6)
First up was the freshly baked Turkish bread glazed with garlic butter. It was a huge dough which was soft and moist. The garlic butter smelled so good but we were careful not to finish it as it would disrupt our appetite.
Apple Tea (AUD 6)
The apple tea was served hot and tasted like warm apple juice.
Lamb Guvec (AUD 23)
The lamb claypot casserole (but served in a metal pot?) came with a small container of Turkish rice sprinkled with what I presume is cinnamon powder. The rice was very fragrant and soft and the cinnamon smell was not strong. The casserole included eggplant, zucchini, onion, potato, celery, mushroom and carrot. Both the lamb and vegetables were very tender and fully absorbed all flavours of the broth. The tomato based gravy was absolutely delicious with rice.
Karisik Izgara (AUD 34)
The mixed grilled platter consisted of chicken, lamb and adana skewers and lamb cutlet as well as Turkish rice and a side salad. The adana skewer which is minced lamb with red and green capsicum, chilli flakes and parsley was very flavourful. The lamb cutlet and lamb skewer were marinated in red pepper, oregano and garlic and tasted good but was not exceptional. I enjoyed the chicken skewer (also marinated in the same spices) the most as the flesh was very moist.
Mousakka (AUD 24.50)
This dish is pure comfort food as the oven baked eggplant and minced beef in tomato paste went extraordinarily well with rice.
It is advisable to go in a big group and order to share due to the variety of dish choices available.

PawPoints: 4 Paws

Shop 10/164 Grey Street
South Bank
Tel: 07 3846 6699

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