Monday, 27 May 2013

Pork Pizzas @ Skippys Pizza, Phileo Damansara PJ

Guess how I found this place? I was bored at work and decided to google "pork" and "pizza" and Skippys came out top of the list lol. This is a dedicated thin crust pizza parlour specialising in porky ingredients and they even do deliveries to areas within the Klang Valley - how convenient is that!
So cute!
They've got lots of Australian themed decor so I gather the owner must be an Australian?
For condiments, they've got minced garlic for that extra oomph in the pizza as well as some sort of chilli oil which is somewhat like sambal mixed with tomato paste but it wasn't too fragrant to my picky nose.
Pork Meatballs (RM 15 for 6)
We originally wanted to try Crispy Fried Pork but too bad they were not available that day so we had Pork Meatballs instead. The Pork Meatballs are huge and served swimming in concentrated tomato gravy. The taste of herbs is quite strong and the meatballs definitely taste homemade with lots of meat packed in. Quite good but more than 1 of these balls will definitely lessen the space in your tummy for the other yummy dishes.
Meat Lovers (RM 26 for 9")
Meat Lovers is true to its name and is laden with pork bacon, pork ham, pork pepperoni and minced pork. It is slathered with BBQ sauce and baked to perfection. The thin crust is not as flimsy as some other restaurants' (although this probably qualifies as not being sufficiently thin but I like it this way) and is able to hold up without being leaden down by the weight of the toppings. 
Fey's Special (RM 26 for 9")
Fey's Special is like a Hawaiian pizza with minced pork, pork ham, pineapples and mushrooms. The pineapples are still juicy, giving an overall sweet flavour to the pizza.
Lasagna (RM 18)
On another occasion, we had takeaway with pizzas and lasagna. The pork lasagna is a must-order for all Garfields as it is chockful of ingredients, very cheesy, very tomato-ey with lots of minced pork.
Marc's Special (RM 26 for 9")
Marc's Special includes pork ham, baby spinach, mushrooms, a fried egg and garlic. No wonder this tasted a bit off for me as garlic is pawprints' public enemy #1 >.<  Nevertheless for garlic lovers or fence-sitters, this pizza should be good as evidenced by my friends' comments.
If you love pork and pizzas, Skippys is the place to be. I can't wait to revisit Skippys Pizza and try the other pizza flavours especially the Spicy Pork Pizza as well as the Pork Vindaloo, Crispy Fried Pork and Pork Spring Rolls =D
PawPoints: 5 Paws
Pawket: Olive

Skippys Pizza
107 Block D
Phileo Damansara 1
9 Jalan 16/11
Off Jalan Damansara
Tel: 03 7931 2555
Mon - Fri: 11.30am - 10pm
Sat: 3pm - 10pm

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  1. Hahahah I tried it the frst time last time when u or char inn talked bout it. Damn filling! N I like the lasagna!