Friday, 8 June 2012

Pizza Uno @ Centrepoint, PJ

Pizza Uno is a reasonably priced Italian joint serving good quality pastas and pizzas well worth the price tag. I went there a while ago with my brother but unfortunately, I only have pictures of what he ordered.
Gigantic curry puff (RM 24)
Deflated =(
He had a Calzone which came looking like a giant curry puff. The moment we cut into it, a huge puff of steam escaped (so be sure never to put your face over it as you cut the Calzone) and the expanded pizza quickly deflated to look like the above picture which is rather a disappointing size.
It is a very cheesy half pizza with turkey ham, mushrooms and tomato based sauce. The dough is unlike the usual pizza dough, rather it tastes more like tortilla bread / naan sort of dough. The filling is extremely cheesy and rather salty but still yummy.
PawPoints: 3 Paws
Pawket: Tomato

Pizza Uno
Lot G6 & G7, Ground Floor
Bandar Utama
Tel: 03 7710 1325

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