Monday, 29 October 2012

Al-Amar Express @ Fahrenheit 88, KL

Al-Amar Express in front of Fahrenheit 88 is the speedy sister of Al-Amar at Pavilion and the menu leans more towards Westernised dishes and quick lunch sets.
Complimentary pita bread
L-R: Small pastries (RM 8.50), Tabbouleh, Hummus, Fattouch, Labneh
I love the presentation! So pretty! The small pastries consisted of Spinach Fatayer (triangular shaped pastry), Lamb Sambousik  (dark ball) and Kebbeh Kras (mini curry puff look-alike). The Spinach Fatayer consists of chopped baby spinach and onions mixed with lemon zest and deep-fried. The resulting taste is refreshing and really good. Lamb Sambousik is just essentially a fried spiced lamb dumpling which tasted average. Kebbeh Kras consisted of minced meat, onions and pine nuts - a unique take on the common curry puff.
The Tabbouleh and Fattouch salads were both good but the Tabbouleh lacked a bit of salt. I'm not a big fan of hummus but JS liked it. The Labneh was quite addictive due to its creamy cheese. The salads and appetizers were all part of a set but the full sized Hummus and Labneh retail for RM 12.90 each whereas the Tabbouleh and Fattouch are RM 16.50 each.
Gorgeous colours of the salads and appetizers
Roasted Chicken (RM 17.90)
We were surprised that the portion consisted of half a chicken which is pretty worth it for that price. The roast chicken was beautifully roasted - the meat was really moist and juicy and the skin delightfully crisp. More pita bread were provided as an accompaniment to the chicken. Apart from that, the sides consisted of fries, pickles and garlic sauce. The fries were good, not the usual shoe-string type.
Al-Amar Steak Sandwich (RM 22.90)
The panini was packed with beef tenderloin, onions, capsicum and mushrooms seared in steak sauce. Lots of mozzarella and cheddar were added to the filling before the panini was grilled. The result was an awesome Philly Cheese Steak d^_^b
The bread was crispy and each mouthful consisted of lots of beef and melted cheese. The Al-Amar Steak Sandwich was really really good and is highly recommended. It came with a side salad and pickles.
Check out the cheese and beef!
All in all, it was a really good lunch and we were really stuffed and didn't feel like going back to work. After paying the bill, we left the restaurant and as we headed towards the sliding glass door, I craned my neck to ogle the other patrons' meals when suddenly there was a loud KA-THONG! My knuckles had hit the glass door which I assumed would open automatically as I walked towards it - it was a good thing I didn't knock my head on it. Turns out, you need to press a button at the side which subsequently opens the non-automatic door. Safety moment there =.= JS was no help as he was busy laughing his head off >. >
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Tomato
Al-Amar Express
Lot G-44, Ground Floor
Fahrenheit 88
Tel: 03 2141 3814
Sun - Thu: 7am - 2am
Fri - Sat: 7am - 5am

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