Friday, 2 March 2012

Senjyu @ The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

We bought a promotional voucher for the Assorted Sashimi and Seafood Tempura Set at RM13.90 each which comes with a salad and miso soup. This is our first time at Senjyu as we usually stick to our favourites when craving for Japanese food but it seems to be around Sushi Zanmai's standard so off we went, laughing inwardly at our luck for snagging such a great deal...
Hot and Cold Green Tea
Of course, this proves again that the age-old saying is true to its word "Nothing cheap is ever good"...
Sakura Chirashi (RM 34.80)
Looks good?
Raw prawn, salmon, tuna, octopus, white tuna and salmon roe along with tamagoyaki, lettuce, a sprinkling of dried seaweed and a wedge of lemon atop vinegared rice. Yes, it does look good.
Tastes good?
Well only the salmon and salmon roe tasted good.
What about the others?
The octopus was rubbery, the tuna and white tuna were rather limp, the rice was not sufficiently vinegary, the egg was rather tasteless but worst of all was the prawn O.O It was extremely limp and slightly slimy and the contents in the head looked absolutely disgusting O.O
The side salad came with a slightly grainy and sourish sauce and was acceptable albeit a little odd tasting. The miso soup was average.
Seafood Tempura Jyu (RM 34.80)
The Seafood Tempura Set consists of a Tendon, side salad and miso soup. All good Japanese restaurants make good tempura. The tempura at Senjyu was oily and soggy. There were also lots of crumbly and oily bits of tempura batter scattered over the bed of rice which made the whole meal an oily and soggy batter affair >.< This also applies to Umai-ya, the so-called upscale Japanese restaurant at Damansara Uptown and KLCC (I've been wanting to write a rant post on it but unfortunately I did not take any pictures). I wonder if they are both under the same dining group.
I've always wanted to try Senjyu as it looks quite classy but this experience left me never wanting to return again. If this was a one-off thing and their food is usually of a higher standard, then it is even worse as they tricked people into paying for the promotion by giving them shitty food.
This further strengthens my belief that the only affordable and yummy Japanese food available in the Klang Valley is by the SuperSushi group consisting of Sushi Zanmai, Pasta Zanmai, Rakuzen, etc.
PawPoints: 1 Paw
Pawket: Tomato (original price)

G2 and G3, Ground Floor
Tel: 03 7727 9028
Daily: 10.30am - 10.30pm


  1. You made me feel happy for not buying it hahahaha
    Me and rocky bought a voucher for senjyu before but it was the expensive I don't know maybe around 30 bucks (means original more exp)
    Food was not bad and portion was bigger. Ala carte wise, i went once when it just opened and my mom liked the place. So not sure is standard dropped or like u said, coupon rip off haha

    1. Lol =.= I thought it was quite a good place cause it looks kinda posh but unfortunately I didn't try it before getting this coupon =.=