Monday, 12 September 2011

Monster Burger @ Hong Kong

Ah Monster Burger! It was an accidental find. We had initially wanted to go for Roast Pigeon at Tai Ping Koon Restaurant but we were short of time as it takes one hour (!) to cook the tiny pigeon =.= Also, the price was exorbitant...about HKD 60 for half a pigeon but I guess it was to be expected since the restaurant exuded old world charm and all the potential customers seated looked posh and important (well if they didn't have to work on a Friday, they must be quite rich =P).
Anyway I'm rambling about our adventures again =P So out the door we went and we decided to stop at this tiny outlet called Monster Burger. To be honest, the name attracted me first, followed by proclamations that they sell pork burger <grins>
Pork Chop Crunch Burger Set (HKD 43)
The Pork Chop Crunch Burger came with a thick and juicy, slightly sizzling, crispy slab of pork chop wedged between two heavily dotted sesame buns. I think it was slathered with Thousand Island sauce and fibre sources came from onions, tomatoes and shredded cabbage.
If the burger doesn't wow you, the chips that came with the set definitely will. Hot and crispy, there was a hint of Cajun seasoning on the thick cut fries. The chips were very fresh and you can taste real fluffy potato within. I, who was coming up with a sore throat, couldn't resist the fries at all. Both JS and I agreed that this is the best fries we ever ate <four thumbs-up> :D
Juicy monstrous burger
I'd say it beats even Grill'd from Australia with the juicy burgers and crispy yet fluffy chips.
Monster Burger Creature *taken from OpenRice
PawPoints: 5 Paws
Monster Burger
Central MTR Exit D2
21 Stanley Street
Hong Kong
Tel: 2526 1526

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