Thursday, 15 September 2011

Mak's Noodles @ The Peak Galleria, Hong Kong

We were pleasantly surprised to find Mak's Noodles at The Peak as we planned to go to the main shop at Central so without having to worry about overpriced, touristy food at The Peak, we headed in to Mak's. Not to say that Mak's isn't touristy with its expensive price tag and unbelievably small bowl of wantan noodles but at least it came with the guarantee of being delicious =P All 6 of us had the trademark Prawn Wantan Noodles which costs HKD 28 per bowl.  

Prawn Wantan Noodles (HKD 28)
All wantan noodles come in one size only - small =.= Each bowl is the size of the average rice bowl so you can imagine the amount of noodles it can contain. Each serving comes with three prawn wantans so I guess that kind of makes up for it. The portion is actually just nice, sufficient to fill you up but not to the maximum level of fullness. Guys might have to order two bowls though =P
The wantan noodles were very delicious, definitely not overrated. The noodles were springy and fresh with no jelak aftertaste. The soup was very clear and full of prawn essence. The prawn dumplings boiled in stock were fresh and crunchy. "How can prawn dumplings be crunchy?" you ask. Well, I'm not too sure myself -_-" I guess the prawns must be really fresh to actually be bouncy and crunchy haha. The wantan skin was paper thin which added to its crunchyness.
Watch this space for our review on Tsim Chai Kee - Mak's Noodles' competitor <dundundun> :D
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Mak's Noodles
Central MTR Exit J2, Peak Tram Lower Terminus
Shop 1, Ground Floor
The Peak Galleria
118 Peak Road
The Peak
Hong Kong
Tel: 2854 3871
Daily: 10am - 10pm

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