Friday, 1 February 2013

Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

The main highlight of our trip to Singapore (other than the Wicked musical of course =P) was going to eat yummy tonkotsu ramen. It was a tug of war between Ippudo and Tampopo. After lots of researching, we decided to go with Ippudo.
Cute logo
Expect long queues
Ippudo is so popular that there is always a queue for it even at 3pm!
Basically you choose the type of ramen you want on the left page and proceed to the add-ons on the right page.
Love their black wooden chopsticks =)
Hot & Iced Ocha
Complimentary Condiments
Cloves of raw garlic and a garlic press were available should you wish to add some kick to the ramen and your breath.
It seems like restaurants in Singapore favour this sort of sesame seed dispenser. Both JS and I prefer grinding the sesame seeds to release the fragrant aroma.
Loading the pungent missiles
Karaka Tamago (SGD 19)
The Karaka Tamago is basically tonkotsu broth mixed with special spicy miso laden with minced pork and the ever popular Japanese boiled egg. No comment on this as I did not try it but it must have been good otherwise our foodie friend would not have ordered it =P
Akamaru Chashu (SGD 19)
A warning: health junkies stay awayyyyyyyyy!!!! This dish of tonkotsu broth and special miso paste with fragrant garlic oil is highly recommended. It comes with chashu, strips of woodear fungus and finely diced spring onions. After you mix everything together, you can see a layer of over the soup as well as bits of white fat floating on the surface. Once you get past the idea of drinking oil and fats, you'll experience the wonderful robust and complex flavour of the dish which is really like no other. I can't describe the complexity of the soup very well - it's just something you have to try for yourself =)
Shiromaru Tamago (SGD 17)
The Shiromaru Tamago consists of pure tonkotsu broth served with pork loin chashu, cabbage, spring onions, woodear fungus, pickled ginger and Japanese-style boiled egg. It is a wonderful dish on its own but it definitely pales in comparison to the Akamaru broth. For those who can't stand bits of fats and oil floating in your soup, this is the one for you.
Ippudo's ramen certainly lives up to its name, springy ramen with flavourful soup. Luckily for you (and us), there is no need to travel all the way to Singapore just to sample yummy ramen anymore as Ippudo will soon be opening an outlet in KL so do check it out once it's opened!

PawPoints: 5 Paws
Somerset MRT
#04-02/03/04, Mandarin Gallery
333 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6235 2797
Mon - Sat: 11am - 11pm
Sun: 11am - 10pm


  1. & ippudo is now at pavillion!

    1. But I heard ppl say the Pavillion one is not very consistent in terms of quality...have you tried it yet?

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  3. Time to pay a visit and review the Ippudo at Pavilion.

    1. Pavillion very far hehe...will go one day =P