Monday 4 November 2013

Ben's General Food Store @ Bangsar Village 1, KL

Yet another brainchild of Ben's Independent Grocer (BIG) Group, this restaurant/ deli/ grocer specialises in pizzas.
Minimalist sign
Top: Caesar Salad (RM 11.90), Bottom: Marinated Button Mushrooms (RM 11.90)
As usual, fantastic innovative salads but somehow I just can't quite get my head round barley as a salad ingredient. Feels like it belongs in liquidy form more =P
Orecchiette Pasta (RM 11.90)
This salad took some getting used to for me. The rocket was pungent and the pasta combo had the earthy, olive-y taste as the only binder was olive oil. And I never liked peas > . > I wouldn't recommend this unless you like eating healthy greens...
Breakfast Pizza (RM 19.90)
This crispy pizza was yummy with breakfast ingredients heaped on it. The runny yolk and tomato sauce slathering went extremely well with the beef bacon and chicken sausage bits. One of my favourites along with the salmon pizza below.
Funghi Pizza (RM 22.90)
The Funghi Pizza had a slightly earthy taste due to the use of truffle oil and wild mushrooms as toppings which melted in the mouth with the mascarpone. I think it's good even though I'm not a big fan of the strong earthy taste.
Salmone E Spinaci Pizza (RM 24.90)
Another of my favourites, this is a melt in your mouth pizza due to the gooey mascarpone and I particularly like how the flavours of the cured salmon, spinach, and dill as well as a squeeze of lemon just come together effortlessly.
Il Carnivore Pizza (RM 24.90)
Pizzas with meat just can't go wrong so it's no surprise that this one laden with beef pepperoni, beef bacon, chicken cheese sausage and lamb chorizo on a base of tomatoes and mozarella does not fall short of expectations.
Pescatora Pizza (RM 29.90)
The mixed seafood pizza which contains mussels, shrimp and squid was good but nothing outstanding.
Peach Cobbler Ala Mode (RM 9.90)
The peach cobbler has a subtle peach flavour (so obvious but what else am I supposed to say?) and the accompanying vanilla ice-cream makes it taste even better.
Classic Chocolate Cake Ala Mode (RM 10.90)
Fantastic moist chocolate cake covered in dark chocolate sauce from BIG (it's available at Plan B too). Was awesome with the vanilla ice-cream.
I don't like the metal tins in which the pizzas come though...they have an uneven base which makes it difficult to slice through the pizza. The pizzas themselves are quite good and I like the wide variety offered here that is not too common in other shops.
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Tomato
Ben's General Food Store
G17, Ground Floor
Bangsar Village 1
Tel: 03 2284 8790
Daily: 10am - 10pm

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  1. Yucks the pasta looks tasteless. I love pasta with fusion sauce more, such as green curry pasta, asian style pesto etc. Original italian pasta just plain and tasteless. The pizzas look good btw