Sunday, 23 December 2012

Giant Macaron @ Delectable by Su, The Gardens Mall

This gigantic macaron from Delectable by Su was given by an acquaintance so it was a lovely surprise ^_^ You probably can't tell from the picture but the macaron is about the diameter of an average-sized orange.
Love the packaging!
Can I print my own ribbon?
Giant Caramel Latte Macaron (RM 10)
The giant caramel latte macaron had chocolate bits sprinkled on top of it but since I ate it the day after I received it, it had already melted =( The macaron was crunchy with a soft center filled with coffee cream. The sweetness of the macaron complemented the slightly bitter coffee taste, making it less sweet than the typical macarons in the market which I find way too sweet for my liking.

Do give it a try if you love macarons or if you're a virgin macaroner, why not make your first experience a gigantic one? =P


PawPoints: 3 Paws
Pawket: Onion
Delectable by Su
S-213, Level 2
The Gardens Mall
Tel: 03 2283 5157

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  1. HAHAHA ate this before. but the taste wasn't really great.