Thursday, 14 February 2013

Chez Rose Continental Restaurant @ Damansara Heights, KL

Looking for something new to try? Head on over to Chez Rose Continental Restaurant, a cosy little place hidden in Damansara Heights for some Austrian flavour!
Shop Front
Although we followed the instructions on Google Maps, we were still unable to locate the restaurant. If you are familiar with Hock Lee's Minimarket or Restoran Seng Lee, then Chez Rose is on the same block. It is actually just adjacent to Jalan Beringin although you have to turn into Jalan Batai to get to that block of shoplots.
Complimentary bread and butter
I love the freshly baked bread roll served with the wonderful, creamy house-made garlic and herb butter. I could have just eaten this as a course on its own! I was really tempted to ask for an extra roll of bread =P
Hungarian Beef Goulash Soup (RM 18)
I've always wanted to try a goulash and Chez Rose's Hungarian Beef Goulash Soup certainly does not disappoint. It is a thick, hearty tomato and paprika stew with lots of minced beef and vegetables. A tiny dollop of cream is added to enhance its creaminess. Perfect for a rainy thunderstormy night which seems to happen very frequently lately.
Baked Salmon Strudel (RM 45)
The Baked Salmon Strudel is Chez Rose's signature dish. It is essentially a whole chunk of salmon fillet coated in mushroom duxelle aka butter sauce made of minced mushrooms, onions and herbs, and baked in a lovely filo pastry. The baked salmon is served with pesto cream sauce and lightly sauteed french beans and red pepper.
Cross-section view of the Baked Salmon Strudel
See the thick slab of salmon fillet? The chef has lovingly prepared it such that there are no tiny salmon bones to hamper the enjoyment of the dish. The fish is firm and fresh and both the butter and cream sauces go extremely well together. The filo pastry retains some of its crispiness which gives an added texture to the usual main course. I would say the Baked Salmon Strudel is utterly wonderful with the perfect blend of sauce, fish and pastry. The greens provided also complemented the mains very well.
Chez Rose used to be helmed by a husband-and-wife team (after all, it was named after the wifey) but has now been bought over by Jake's Charbroil Steaks. I'm not sure if they've managed to retain the quality of authentic Austrian fare but as we enjoyed our food thoroughly, I'd say it's worth a visit =) Incidentally when I checked their website, they've got a 4-course Christmas menu priced at RM 98++ which sounds pretty good =D
PawPoints: 4 Paws
Pawket: Olive
Chez Rose Continental Restaurant
6-5, Jalan Batai
Damansara Heights
Tel: 03 2092 1978

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