Sunday, 18 November 2012

Wahaca @ Chandos Place, London

I don't know why but I just have a thing for Mexican food. I love all their wraps and the funky names of each dish...they just sound so trendy and hippie-ish. Imagine my delight when I found out about an average-priced joint in London!
Wahaca is a really popular restaurant so do be sure to make a reservation. It was lucky that we arrived there early as there was already a short queue. There's a waiting area where you get to chill and get some booze while you're waiting or you can fiddle around with the many knick-knacks on the counter.
Complimentary door gifts
There were tons of these mini-packets for patrons to take home with them...can you guess what they contain? Inside each packet are a few chilli seeds for you to grow in a small pot and harvest for your very own Mexican home-cooking. Such a cool idea huh? By the way, the restaurant is located underground which I find really unique.
Chile sauces
They've got two types of sauces to go with the food - one is a searingly hot chile de arbol sauce and the other a fiery habanero chile sauce. Whoa scary stuff! Well it might be for the locals but definitely not for us South East Asians haha. These searingly hot and fiery sauces were just a tiny bit spicy to say the least but they complemented the dishes very well =)
Hibiscus Water (GBP 1.75)
The Hibiscus Water is a very refreshing drink made from cranberry flavoured Mexican flower juice, whatever Mexican flower is =P It is a very good thirst quencher and tasted somewhat like a concentrated Ribena =)
Chicken Tinga Tacos (GBP 3.95)
GBP 3.95 for a plate of 3 tacos is not bad at all. This chicken tacos is coated in a smoky tomato sauce and a splash of extra hot chipotle adobo and crema and sprinkled with cilantro. The mini flour tortillas were seasoned just right and the extra hot sauce really does lend a bit of kick to the flavourful filling. One of the best I've tried.
Close-up of the taco
Chorizo and Potato Quesadillas (GBP 3.95)
The Chorizo and Potato Quesadillas is much cheesier than Fresca's and very yummy. I couldn't taste much chorizo though but I like the crisp texture of the quesadillas contrasting with the warm, comforting and mushy-in-a-good-way hash.
See the filling?
We wanted to order an additional Burrito considering the size of the dishes but they were so busy and we couldn't order for a certain duration to allow the cook to, I don't know, stock up and start cooking from scratch again (everything is freshly made apparently). By the time they were ready to take orders, we had to rush off for the next item in our itinerary or risk delaying the schedule (I run like clockwork =P). So, bad point there but the place was literally packed to the rafters.
Do give it a try if you're in London as I'm always of the opinion that Western food somehow tastes much better in Western countries (no-brainer huh?). Incidentally, if you're not willing to splurge on an air ticket, there is a cookbook called Wahaca that is written by the owner so you can replicate the dishes in your very own kitchen! I was tempted to get it when I saw the book in a bookstore there but it was priced at GBP 20+ and I thought it too expensive.
PawPoints: 4 Paws
T: London Charing Cross
66 Chandos Place
Covent Garden
Tel: +44 0207 240 1883
Mon - Sat: 12pm - 11pm
Sun: 12pm - 10.30pm

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