Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tailend Fish Bar @ St Andrews, Scotland

What do you do when you first step foot in UK? Eat fish and chips of course! And it helps if the first city you go to is a seaside town with a chip shop =D

The Tailend Fish Bar at St Andrews used to be quite famous in Edinburgh and without ado after arriving at the guest house, I set off to the town centre in search of British-style fish. Now before we proceed to the taste test, how would you pronounce Tailend? Well it was very obvious to me that it's "Tail-end" - I mean those two words literally jump out at you. Turns out, it is a homonym of Thailand >.< And I even stopped to ask a few locals where "Tail-end" is located when I couldn't find the shop  >.< (JS: tsktsk)                       

Menu Part 1

Menu Part 2

Single Breaded Cod (GBP 5.80)
I had the single breaded cod instead of the usual battered haddock that I always order. Perhaps because of this and the fact that I had raised my expectations for the famous fish and chippery, it did not taste as nice as I had expected. It was deep-fried to a nice golden brown but it was rather dry. Maybe it was also because I had just got off the plane and didn't have much appetite but I couldn't finish it. To its credit, the fish is much larger than I expected (the usual haddock I have is half its width) and the styrofoam box is much larger than the usual chicken rice type.

Also when you are in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when in UK, fish should be eaten with a liberal splashing of malt vinegar. Here, the vinegar, salt and ketchup bottles are not available for self-service - instead you tell the staff what you want and they'll do it for you. Anyway, there wasn't enough vinegar on my fish but I should have told him to add more.

Oh well, now that I'm back, I should probably go try the Magnificent Fish & Chips Bar that everyone is raving about.

PawPoints: 3 Paws

Tailend Fish Bar
130 Market Street
St Andrews
Tel: +44 01334 474 070
Daily: 12am - 10pm, 11.30pm - 12am

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