Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Japanese Charity Bazaar @ Prince Hotel, KL

I try to make it for the Japanese Charity Bazaar every year as there's just so much to see and, most importantly, eat =D There are lots of activities for kids too and you even get to try on yukatas and take pictures of yourself for a nominal fee. Since the 2012 bazaar is just around the corner (usually in October or November), I thought I would highlight the food we had so you can decide if you would like to attend it =) Tickets are available at all Jusco outlets but you can also purchase it on the day for a slightly increased price. Check out the time and venue at the Japan Club website.
Authentic home-made goodies from Japanese ladies
Our haul ^_^
The onigiri is (lovingly) prepared by Japanese ladies and you can be guaranteed that it is far from the typical fare found in Jusco. The onigiri is moist and warm and well flavoured by furikake such as seaweed flakes and some savoury condiment (salted salmon perhaps?). The onigiri is definitely one of the best I've had.
This beef rice bowl is from some famous outlet - I can't remember the name and it's from a stall different from where I got the other food stuff. It is prepared by a professional chef and cost more than the usual dishes sold at the bazaar but it is definitely one of the best gyudon I've ever had! You've just got to try it out if you spot this stall at the bazaar.
Japanese stewed vegetables - Umani?
This is typical Japanese home-cooking - root vegetables (lotus root, carrots, sweet peas and mushrooms) stewed in dashi broth. The resultant taste is very light, the vegetables subtly flavoured with  the sweet taste of mirin and savoury taste of dashi.
The home-made okonomiyaki is quite good though with a denser batter. Not much filling though.
Ichigo Daifuku
One of the more famous Japanese dessert - strawberry buried in sweet red bean paste and encased in a glutinous rice flour ball. Anyone with a liking for sweet strawberries and red bean paste is sure to like this. The glutinous rice ball is so soft and pillow-like, so unlike the commercial ones found at malls. Really good ^_^
Cross section of the Ichigo Daifuku
See the huge strawberry embedded inside? They were really generous to give a whole strawberry.
Kinako Mochi
This is the typical glutinous rice balls aka mochi but instead of the typical sugar and peanut coating, this is rolled in roasted soybean powder. I've always been curious as to how kinako tastes like and I must say it is quite an unusual taste. The roasted soybean powder is so fine that it is powdery and immediately melts on the tongue when eaten and due to the moistness of the mochi, the flour sticks to it slightly. It has a nutty, distinctive flavour which I am unable to describe as it is very unlike roasted nuts. Anyway give it a try as this is also one of the traditional Japanese sweets.
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    1. haha this year's one is on 28th oct. and you pls let me know of any upcoming jap events! you always seem to know more about artsy events lol =p