Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Marufuku Udon @ Jaya One, PJ

Always wanted to try freshly made udon at Sanuki Udon at Taman Bukit Desa but it was always rather out of the way so we hopped over to its sister restaurant, Marufuku Udon at Jaya One instead.
Wooden signage
It is located near the cluster of now famous restaurants - Frontera, Mai Ramen, Kissaten.
All kinds of yakitori sold are displayed at the counter. No comment on the yakitori as we didn't try any.
Wakame Udon (RM 7)
The Wakame Udon came in a lightly flavoured fish based broth. The abundant seaweed and vegetables had a slightly raw, earthy, greenish taste as the fish broth did not provide adequate flavouring. The udon did not absorb much of the flavour of the broth but it was palatable when eaten with a spoonful of soup.
Would you look at the amount of vegetables O.O
Salada Udon (RM 8) + Wakame (RM 2)
The Salada Udon is served cold with the in-house sesame sauce. I expected it to be like Zanmai's salad with their oh-so-yummy gomadare but my expectations were left crashing down. The udon and julienned vegetables did not absorb the sesame sauce and were rather bland. It was like eating rabbit food >.< One ingredient I found weird was the inclusion of taufu pok. It certainly didn't absorb any sesame sauce flavour as is typical of taufu poks. The udon was kind of hard and stiff - I suspect that it softens up more when it's soaked in broth. The sesame sauce itself was a letdown - it wasn't fragrant and it was creamy to the point where it starts to thicken and it actually tasted abit cornstarchy >.< Needless to say, I didn't finish it.
I ordered an extra bowl of wakame as I thought it would enhance the noodles but unfortunately, no.
Naked (aka undressed) Udon =P
Udon mixed with cold sesame sauce
All in all, it wasn't a good visit and definitely wasn't a good meal. Perhaps we ordered the wrong things to eat as most people usually ordered the House Udon, Curry Udon or Cha Cheong Udon. I guess we're just not udon lovers <shrug>
PawPoints: 2 Paws
Pawket: Dough
Marufuku Udon
L-18-G-1, Ground Floor
Palm Square, Jaya One
Tel: 7957 6368
Daily: 11am - 10pm


  1. Nothing beats Sanuki Udon. They are the best. Definitely worth the travel to enjoy it.

    1. Isn't that the sister restaurant? Oh well, maybe we should retry it at the original stall =)