Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wah Fung Restaurant @ Central, Hong Kong

We stumbled upon this restaurant while looking for breakfast options. Apparently it's famous for roast meats but we didn't know that and just went in for some classic Hong Kong style breakfast.
Iced Coffee
Luncheon Meat + Fried Egg on Polo Pau
This classic combo of luncheon meat and fried egg with yolk waiting to ooze out can never go wrong. Sandwiched between a Polo Pau aka Pineapple Bun (ingredients do not include pineapple, it is just shaped like a pineapple), the taste was absolutely delicious. The sweetness and crispiness of the Polo Pau really complemented the savoury filling, much better than plain buttered toast.
L: Char Siu Macaroni, R: Fried Eggs on Buttered Toast
Did not really try these but macaroni is the usual cheesy salty kind one usually encounters in Hong Kong and fried eggs and toast is a no-brainer.
Char Siu Instant Noodles
Usual instant noodles with the addition of fried egg and char siu. Wasn't too bad.
Pork Chop and Ham Scrambled Egg Toast Set
Pork chop for breakfast? O.O Yup, you saw right =) Goes really well with the tomato based gravy. Eaten together with a piece of buttered toast and a mouthful of scrambled egg and ham, it makes me feel so contented <head in the clouds> Of course this is not an everyday breakfast but if you're looking for something to fill you up for a hectic day, this dish is the one <thumbs-up>
Ham and Fried Eggs Toast Set
Didn't try these but don't think the taste will vary much...at least you're guaranteed of no unpleasant surprises =P
Sorry, no price indicated as starting a food blog was the last thing on our minds then =P But it wasn't too expensive - average, I'd say. This is the last of our Hong Kong food posts. Hope you enjoyed them =)
PawPoints: 3 Paws
Wah Fung Restaurant
Central MTR Exit D2
112 - 114 Wellington Street
Hong Kong
Tel: 2544 3466
Daily: 7am - 10pm


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