Monday, 22 July 2013

Restoran Makanan Laut Yoke Heng @ Seri Kembangan, KL

We were going for the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at Seri Kembangan and since we go there like once in 10 years, our main aim was to try some local awesome food. It also helped that it was a predominantly Chinese area with guaranteed delicious hawker fare.
Thanks to JS, our target of the day was a restaurant famous for its claypot loh shu fun. It is so well-known, in fact, that there are many pictures of celebrities posing with the owners adorning the wall.
Shop Front
Claypot Loh Shu Fun
Their infamous Loh Shu Fun is served in a rustic claypot with a rich eggy gravy similar to Loh Mee. When it arrived at our table, you could smell its aroma a mile away as the dish had a generous serving of extremely crunchy deep-fried dried shrimps plonked right on top of the yummy mess. There were also plenty of sliced shiitake mushrooms to add flavour to the yummy gravy. I'm not too sure but it tasted as though a bit of XO sauce was included. With a dash of black vinegar, the slippery and silky smooth loh shu fun slithering about in the aromatic gravy tasted absolutely awesome!!! It's definitely the best I've ever eaten.
Yummy mess
Stir Fried Clams
The clams were stir fried over high heat with lots of garlic and bird's eye chillies. It smelled amazing and tasted extremely delicious - also the best I've ever eaten and that's saying a lot considering it's just normal stir-fried clams. I absolutely hate garlic except when it's spread on garlic bread but the garlic in this dish is so yummy! It didn't taste like garlic at all and was super fragrant and crispy. The dish also contained lots of deep fried dried shrimps which totally enhanced its flavour.
Honey Glazed Ribs
I felt the ribs were forgettable but JS loved them. The ribs were coated in dark caramelised honey and baked until the meat was tender. The freshness of the ribs was also a plus point as the meat fell off the bone easily.
I know Seri Kembangan is extremely far away (for me, at least) but if you're in the area, I highly recommend you drop by Yoke Heng and try their Loh Shu Fun and Stir-Fried Clams - they definitely don't disappoint!!
PawPoints: 5 Paws
Pawket: Onion
           Restoran Makanan Laut Yoke Heng
33 Jalan SR8/4
Taman Putra Indah
Serdang Raya
Seri Kembangan
Tel: 03 8943 8753

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