Sunday, 13 May 2012

Go-Gung Korean Restaurant @ The Gardens, KL

This is a very posh-looking (from the outside) Korean restaurant at The Gardens. As they had set lunches, I decided to go there with my brother.

We had the Kimchi Chigye set and the Bulgogi set. Each set comes with 4 side dishes, steamed rice and chive pancake. Below are the various side dishes we had.

Stif-fried spinach

Stir-fried bean sprouts

Cabbage kimchi

Anchovies and pickled green chilli
I was at a loss as to what the above dish had the texture and taste of the thicker kind of seaweed but it smelled of chilli so after checking out other blogs, I can confirm that this is pickled green chilli =P It wasn't spicy at all and was quite addictive.

Chive pancake
I thought, being part of a set meal, the chive pancake must be rather cold and oily and soggy since they would have cooked this in batches for the set lunches but I'm happy to report that the pancakes were light and crispy and yummy even after they have cooled down, especially with the savoury sauce (I'm no expert on Korean food so don't know the equivalent Korean terms -_-").

Steamed rice

Kimchi Chigye (RM 20)
The slightly spicy soup came boiling hot with the usual ingredients of glass noodles, firm tofu cubes and cabbage. Very appetizing and went extremely well with rice.

Bulgogi (RM 25)

The Bulgogi consisted of a huge (and I mean HUGE) amount of tender beef strips, enoki mushrooms and glass noodles in its own sweetish marinade juices. We nearly couldn't finish this due to the generous portion of beef. Worth ordering, I'd say =)

Condiments for bulgogi
Fresh lettuce, spicy paste and raw garlic were provided for us to make lettuce wraps with the bulgogi. The tender beef tasted really good in the lettuce wraps. We tried eating it the Korean way where they stuff the entire lettuce wrap into their mouth but I had trouble chewing after that. I wonder how Koreans do it =.=

Anyway food was really good here with huge portions well worth the high price tag usually seen in Korean restaurants. The set lunches are quite a good deal as the ala-carte items are on the higher side of the price range but I must say that the drinks are quite expensive (RM 8 for refillable tea!!!).

PawPoints: 3 Paws
Pawket: Tomato

GoGung Korean Restaurant
Lot T-212, 3rd Floor
The Gardens
Tel: 03 2287 2981
Daily: 10am - 10pm

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