Sunday, 21 April 2013

Popiah with Lard @ Jalan Laksamana 1, Melaka

I just found out that one of the famous Malaccan delicacies is popiah sprinkled with lard so naturally as with anything consisting of lard, I had to try it. We were supposed to go to the famous one at the night market at Jonker Walk but we spotted this mobile stall near Casa del Rio where we parked our car and Pariahcetamol wanted to get an early breakfast. It was a good thing we did as we were too stuffed at night to try the one at Jonker =(
Friendly couple
When asked, they claimed to be a relative of the famous popiah seller at Jonker but who knows eh?
Popiah with lard (RM 2.20)
Basically, it's just normal popiah with a generous sprinkling of lard which in the opinion of a fried-lard enthusiast, totally enhanced the taste of the otherwise normal popiah. The ingredients were fresh and the deep-fried lard cubes were crunchy. We eventually bought another roll to share as it was quite addictive.
PawPoints: 3 Paws
Pawket: Dough
Popiah with lard mobile stall
Intersection of Jln Laksamana 1 and Jln Laksamana 5 (opposite Casa Del Rio Hotel)

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